QUASIR is my freelance office and offers consultancies and trainings on socio-economic aspects of resource use and the application of quantitative analytical approaches in the evaluation of investments and projects.

Focal points of consultancies are rural development, agribusiness and water resource management. Analyses comprise statistically verifiable data sampling, data base analysis and the application of quantitative methods from eonomics, econometrics and management.

Focal points of trainings range from agricultural economics, investment calculations and information management up to project planning and evaluation. The trainings rely on distance learning materials and related on-line tutorials. Most of the offered materials served already as elements of lecture assignements at different universities of applied sciences in Germany since 2016.

Rural development and natural resource management are complex subject matters, which require in most cases simultaneous input from experts in different fields. QUASIR acts in a network of consultants and experts from various countries and disciplines as a member or organizer of consortia. Current activities focus strongly on water-related programs and value chain development, but linkages to other fields, such as energy, land use, finance and internet technologies are obvious and will certainly lead to the respective broadening of cooperations in the future.

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